The Recap

A man reported his phone accidentally dialed his ex-wife from his pocket and was concerned because he had a protection order against his ex.

The Lesson

A protection order is a pretty serious thing, and breaking it can be serious as well. Sure the guy was the one who had the protection order against someone else, but the contact still could have serious consequences. As a security professional we need to ask ourselves if we know who our systems are communicating with. There are many concerns with the information going out of our networks. There are regulations that require customers to be notified when a breach occurs. Other regulations require the safeguarding of other privately identifiable information. However, extracting information isn’t the only traffic that can go out of our networks. As evidenced by recent events, there are more and more attacks using armies of other people’s machines. We can take the time to secure our most valued assets, but if we don’t monitor what is going out of our network the organizations we work for may suffer a damaged reputation. We need a good balance of ingress and egress filtering, while at the same time having a good balance of what we are monitoring. Make sure the next call your network makes isn’t one with serious consequences.