So you just built your sand castle on the beach. As the tide comes in you realize your creation will be knocked over. You are not deterred by this though, you move higher up the beach and start again. As the time passes you again realize the rising tide will take your castle down. You will not give up, so you go high above the highest tide line and yet again build your castle. Satisfied you are safe you go inside for the day.

However that evening you see a heavy storm out in the sea and the waves stir up so much they crash over your castle yet again. Not wanting to show defeat you go out the next day and build a castle well off the beach, and out of wood instead of sand. This stands for a few weeks until a hurricane blows in and wipes out everything in its path for miles inland. So you pack your bags and move far inland, then build your castle again out of wood. This stands for a time until a wild fire burns everything down.

Never one to be handed a loss, you travel farther in, in a vast clear valley and build your castle of brick. This castle lasts for many years but is continuously flooded destroying all the contents. Finally you move to high mountain top, and build the biggest, strongest castle. You spend the rest of your time here. But each night you realize you have forgotten what the sea smells like. You desire again to feel the sand between your toes. Yet you can’t leave the solid, secure home you have built.

What do we give up infosec to gain security. Do we take it to far, or do we find the balance. Can we build our solutions where others can enjoy them? Do we focus so much on security, we forget about the customer? In our isolation do we win, or do THEY win? Sometimes we just need to go back out on the beach and enjoy it.

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