So I just got back from Northeast Ohio Information Security Summit where I gave a talk on “Baking in Security”. I give a similar talk with the same title back in April at Notacon which you can see here. Once the video link becomes available for my more recent talk I will update this post. The short of my talk is that infosec professionals can learn a lot about infosec by baking or cooking.

During both talks I referenced several recipes and at my most recent talk got called out on if I had any links to the recipes. What follows is a list of those recipes along with some of my other favorites. Most of these recipes I found on allrecipes.com which has become my goto place when I really need to get a recipe that isn’t overly complex.

The Moist Carrot Cake recipe is what you see me make during the talk and I use this Cream Cheese frosting to top it off. At my more recent talk I mention a Vegan Carrot Cake recipe I have tried. I tried to make a vegan buttercream frosting which failed miserably so I am on the hunt for a vegan cream cheese frosting to rival my old standby. I really challenge you to see if there is any major difference in the taste of either cake, taking in account for the frosting.

Another recipe I mention in my talk, which I think is my favorite by far over the last almost two years is Amatriciana. I have made a few modifications to the recipe, the most significant is using a full 12-16 oz of bacon instead of four pieces. The other modification I have done is to make the exact same base sauce but with Italian Sausage, which I add sugar in to reduce the tomato taste. I don’t put noodles in this but use it as a topping for the base pasta. I only do the sausage sauce occasionally as the base recipe is tasty on its own.

The recipe that has surprised me the most would be Brussels Sprouts. I have a dislike of green food, or at least I did until I started cooking. My wife found this recipe and thought it looked good so I made it. Not only did I like, my 11 year old son will eat them.

Since my kids inspired me to start down the path of learning new things to bake and cook I would fall short if I didn’t mention their favorite breakfast recipe. These Crepes are by far the most made item of my new recipe box, and you don’t need to buy a special fancy crepe pan for it to work.  My kids love to take these crepes, fill them with the cream cheese frosting I mentioned above along with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and then roll them up and put some maple syrup on top. It is always flattering when their friends spend the night and wake up chanting “Crepes!”

I also mentioned I made a recipe @gdead posted for French Bread. This turned out really good with the exception of an error I was able to correct. This recipe has cups and teaspoons for measures but the temp is in C instead of F some make sure you pay close attention.

A more recent favorite is this Tangy Grilled Pork Tenderloin which is so much better if you let it marinade for a day or two. If you need to use up the honey then you can also make Sweet, Sticky and Spicy Chicken. If you don’t want the meat you can substitute in some sauteed eggplant or use this Eggplant with Garlic Sauce recipe.

It is funny how I have found cooking as a way to relax, I have also found it a way to better understand information security. Take a shot and make something new, you may just surprise yourself.

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